NAUKA (SCIENCE JOURNAL) is a bi-monthly journal published by the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria. The Union is a non-governmental organization with headquarters in Sofia and branches in the larger cities.

The Union of Scientists in Bulgaria was established in October 1944 by 17 prominent Bulgarian scientists. It became the largest organization of scientists and lecturers. The Union united researchers from different branches of science, age and political convictions. The Union firmly defends its position of independent, non-government, non-profit, non-political, professional- creative organization of scientists.

Members of the Union may be natural and legal persons.

The main goal of the Union is to contribute to the development of science and higher education in the country, to raise their prestige and contribution to the prosperity of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Union participates as an independent partner and consultant of the legislative and executive power in formation and implementation of the national policy for the development of science and higher education.

The Union of Scientists in Bulgaria expresses and protects the rights and interests of its members and supports their creative and professional work.